Are horror games even scary anymore and why are non Horror games scary?


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If there is anything I love more than anything is a really good scare. I loved getting scared I can’t really explain why I like the felling of fear while I playing games, but sometimes games that clam to be horror games are not remotely scary and sometimes games that aren’t suppose to scary it really horrifying. So in this blog I’m going to call some of the games that where meant to be “horror” games but was anything but and some of the games that weren’t meant to be a horror games really gets you.

Remember Resident Evil and how scary it was when you played as a little kid or a preteen, remember when you saw that zombie in Resident Evil 1 turn around then stand up eyeing you as their next meal, remember when Resident Evil 4 came out and capcom took out the zombies and it still managed to be scary, I remember that.

So when I found out that Resident Evil 5 was coming out I was excited for it I was hoping that it be as scary as Resident Evil 4, but when I got it this wasn’t Resident Evil anymore it turned into Call of Duty RE5so needless to say I wasn’t happy with the game. Any smart person would not even think about buying Resident Evil 6 but I was still hopeful that this would be the game that makes the franchise back to a horror game. I can honestly say looking back now the only good thing about that game was Leon (who the main character in Resident Evil 2 and 4) was in it and RE6that his campaign had zombies that was it Resident Evil 6 was once again Call of Duty but if i had to choose between RE 5 or Re6 I would rather play 5.


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Health Regen or Health Items: Which is better?


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While playing a game what is the most important thing that you have to keep an eye out for? Its your health bar now most games today don’t have an actual health bar basically your T.V is your health bar and most of the people who are reading know what I mean when I say that your T.V is  your health bar. But to those who don’t know what I mean basically when you’re taking damage the screen will cast a red border around the T.V and if you take cover the red border will start to fad away. If there is a health bar usually you’ll need to health items to refill your health.

Good examples of the health regen is call of duty now the game uses your T.V as the health bar and when you start to take a ton of damage the game will

Call of Duty

tell you that you need to take cover to get your health back. I see this as the game holding your hand mainly because that if I’m getting shot at I’m not going to stay there and take all the shots. Other games that have a health bar but still use the health regen is Halo and Destiny and how the game tells you that you’re low on health it will make a

beeping noise to tell you to take cover and wait until you health comes back. I don’t like this mechanic because I see this as the game holding your hand. Continue reading

Are Single Player Games Dying?


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I’ve been playing video games ever since i was a little kid and I didn’t have a lot of two player games and all I had was single player games and really enjoyed them because it was only me and the game to worry about. No parts that required two or more players, it didn’t need internet to play or had to worry about another player coming in and invading your game. Now don’t get me wrong I do enjoy playing games with my friends but there are a lot of games today that you really cant play by yourself. I’m going to talk about that games that are really killing the single player experience and some of the games that are trying to keep it alive.

Now being able to play with your is great but sometimes I like to play a game alone without random people joining my game like for example I have a game  called Destiny

Destiny TTK

and like to play alone but sometimes other players join my squad. Another example is a game that I bought recently call The Division

The Division

and it as the same problem issue, don’t get me wrong me those games are good but I want to play a mission without the game telling me that i need other people to play with in order to play a mission. What makes it worst is the fact that both games require internet to play and that’s a real pain because if you don’t have internet or if your internet is on the fritz you can even play it.

Thankful there are games that you play all by yourself and really enjoy the game like Fallout 4 that game has no multiplayer


aspect and I really got to enjoy all the things the game has to offer another game that keeps the single player life intact is a game that I once again bought recently is The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD and this is why I love Nintendo so much


because you can always rely on them to have a good single player game that doesn’t require internet to play or more players to complete a level.

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What do I prefer: Gameplay or Graphics?


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With games today they’re really stepping up their game when it comes to the way it looks like or the gameplay but there some games that either have one or the other and sometimes games don’t have good gameplay and graphics like Sonic Boom for the Wii U       Trash

now I know that the Wii U doesn’t have the capability to pull off stunning graphics like the PS4 and the Xbone ( Xbox One).

But when you see a game like Wind Waker HD for the Wii U and how amazing that looks compared to Sonic Boom is baffling and not to mention the fact that SEGA takes everything that you know about sonic games and throws them out the window because the gameplay for this is game is so busted it makes Sonic 06′ another very bad Sonic game look like a masterpiece. I can go on for hours explaining why this game sucks but back to the matter at hand on which do I prefer Gameplay or Graphics, its nice to have both but I have to pick gameplay.

The reason why I  pick gameplay over graphics is for 3 reasons; the first reason why is because of the simple reason that I’m buying a game for how it plays not how it looks, the second reason is that a game can have the best graphics but the gameplay is really poor a good example is The Order 1886.

Expensive Trash

Now this game had impressive graphics but that was its major flaw because the makers of the game really focus heavy on the way it looked like and forgot all about the gameplay because there was hardly any gameplay and most of the gameplay moments you were either walking around or shooting and the whole game was only 6 hours long.

The third reason why I rather have gameplay over graphics is that no matter what the game looks like if the gameplay is solid I’m sold and a very good example of a game that looks old but the gameplay is really good is Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight


because it really takes you back to the good old NES and SNES days where all games was only 8 bit and 16 bit but the gameplay was solid enough for you to keep coming back for more and I’m pretty sure that this game’s budget wasn’t as big as The Order 1886 budget but Shovel Knight was 6 hours long.


Images I used:

Sonic Boom:

PS4, XBOX ONE and Wii U:

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Shovel Knight:



My 30 Years of Link Video Podcast


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I’m doing a podcast of me explaining the all of the different designs that Link has from all of the Legend of Zelda starting from all the way back to the 1986 Legend of Zelda game for the NES to the Legend of Zelda Skyward sword. In this blog is going to be about why I like Link his designs, which one was my favorite, which one I don’t like.

First of the reason why I love his design because 2 reasons; the first reason why i love his design because I am a fan of Lord of the Rings but mostly Legolas and when i first laid my eyes on Link from Ocarina of Time the first thing that ran through my head was that he looks like Legolas and the second reason why I love his design because they’ve kept the overall design the same but changed certain things about him.

My favorite kind of design that Link has is the design from the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker because instead of keeping realistic they gave him look more like a cartoon and this design actually has a name for this design is call Toon Link and it reminds me of the link from the Legend of Zelda game from 1986.

Toon Link

Now the one that I didn’t like as much as the others is the Link from Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link because he looks like he hasn’t change his clothes from when he was a little kid and doesn’t really look right but I am glad that the redesign of adult Link  was way better than the older design.

Link (The Adventure of Link)

So there is my favorite and least favorite version of Link and about the Video Podcast I am almost done with the editing it should be done by the end of this week in the Podcast I’m going to go over all of the designs for Link from all of the Legend of Zelda games that came out for for the major consoles and not for any of the portable Zelda games.

Image Links:

30 Years of Legend of Zelda:

Toon Link:

Link (Adventure of Link) :


Why I changed my focus

Before I made a blog talking about how I want to become a character designer and I made a couple of blogs about overall character design and simple character designs and how it works most of the time, but now that I got a better understanding of storytelling and character development. So in this blog I will discuss about why I made the transaction to both storytelling and character development.

With storytelling I started to read up on basic storytelling and I start to realize that I sometimes pick apart movies that I watch and I can guess the basic overall plot of the movie, how curtain scenes will start and end then so after that realization of that I started to read up on what makes a good story and what you need to keep in mind when making a story

Now the reason why I switch to character development is for 2 reasons; the first reason I switched is that I’ve notice that I am not the best person when it comes to drawing and I know that I shouldn’t say that but sadly it’s true. The second reason is that I really love a characters back story and how that character back story shapes their overall design.

So those are the reasons why I changed my focus and do I think that I made the right choice, I think so because I have a lot of favorite character not only on how they look but how good their backstory is and in my previous blogs will show that, for example the reason why like pyramid head from Silent Hill 2 because his overall design has meaning to it that also connected to the main character.

How Fallout 4 pulled me in


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During the semester break I bought a game called fallout 4, I’ve also played the other fallout games such as fallout 3 and New Vegas and the gameplay and the overall story in both games were good, even though the game allowed you to customize your character away way you wanted I didn’t have an emotional connection to my character that I created. Which is weird because I made him look just like me, but in Fallout 4 there was changes in this game that the older games didn’t do and that is I felt like I was in the game.


What I think the game did right was adding a voice to both the female and the male character that you control and not to give away to many spoilers to the game but the way the game starts out with is the narrator giving a back story to get you caught with the story, then you get to see what it was like in the world of Fallout before the bombs dropped (the bombs being the nukes.) So after you make your character you get to walk around and explore your house and depending on what your name is some characters in the game will say your name so that’s a plus, then as you explore your house you get to witness the panic as you see on a news bulletin that all of the nuclear missiles are going off around the world taking out major city’s and countries. Then as the air raid sirens go off you have to make it to the vault that2912919-fallout4_concept_salesman_1434323485 will take you underground and away from the harmful effect of radiation. As I was controlling my character to safety I felt something that not a lot of games do anymore when something really terrible is happening, which is a sense of dread or impending doom.


I felt as if I was in the world of fallout, I felt as if I was in the game running to get to safety. when I finally made to the vault I felt the same thing that the characters in the game were which was finally being safe not having to worry ab
out that danger that is the nuclear holocaust that is happening outside.


Now once again I don’t want to go into many detail because Fallout 4 is a really good game and the overall story is what I think is the best story that I’ve seen in a game in a long time, the game that had a really good story was The Last Us. I hope to see more games in the future that have a really good story because I want to experience the game, I want to able to feel what the character is feeling and to end with the quote that pulled into Fallout 4 is that “War… War never changes.”

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What do I plan on doing after this semester ends?

Let me say that this semester was the first one in college that was really rough which is funny because there is never time in college that really stressed me out but this one was a real dozy there were time that I found myself staying up real late at night doing work and here are the things that I plan on doing after this semester ends.

The first thing that I plan on doing when I done with school is getting a lot of sleep that I lost over this semester because I feel like I’m a walking hollow shell of a man because of the sleep that I lost and every morning that I woke up in the morning and feeling like death even if I got a good amount of sleep.


The next thing that I’m going to do is buy a 5 pound gummy bear and see if I can eat the whole thing because if I had a rough day in this case a rough couple of months I like to eat sweets to make me feel better, but I think if try to eat the whole thing in one sitting my mom will come home and see me passed out on the table from a massive sugar crash with a half eaten giant gummy bear.

Those are some of the things that I am going to do after the semester and I know the reason why this semester was so bad was that I didn’t plan my time out well and I just let everything pile on to each other but for the next semester I am going to step my game up.

What are my all time favorite games


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I like to play a lot of games but I do have favorites games and there are reason why they are my favorite games because they’re has a certain charm to them and if they are multiple games in the series there has to be something that makes it different from the other ones.

Dark Souls 2

My first game is Dark Souls 2 and I know I keep on mentioning this game in my blog posts but I really like this game because of the setting that the game is set in, it has a lot of rich lore that is really worth looking in to and if you ever played a Dark Souls game dying is the worst thing ever because in the first game every time you died you lost your in game currency and if you die again with getting you currency you lose whatever you lost the first time. In Dark Souls 2 if you die not only you lose all of the currency you also lose a chunk of your health that you can’t refill.


My other favorite game is The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask and the reason why this is one of my favorite game because it is a Legend of Zelda game and I am a huge Zelda fan the other reason why it’s the only game that doesn’t have Princess Zelda in it and the setting and the tone of the game is really dark and there is a lot of sorrow and death for a Zelda game.

So those are some of my favorite games if I put all of my favorite games this blog will go on forever but like said before I look for curtain features in a games and that is how I determined if that game is my favorite.