Ever since I was a little kid I loved to play video games in my spare time and at the young of 7 years old I thought to myself that I wanted to the person who was responsible for creating all types of characters. So I’m finishing up my bachelors degree so I can go to a different kind of college to better my skills and keep that dream that I had as a little kid alive.

The reason why I want to do this is because my other passion is playing video games and the way the gaming industry is set up today its the lesser known gaming companies which are called indie developers get more praise than well known companies and I see this as an opportunity for me to get my for into the gaming like Tom Happ.

Tom Happ

He made a game called Axiom Verge all by himself in 2010 and was released in March 31, 2015 and this is what i want to do but with team of people.

My main inspiration for wanting to go into character development is Tim Schafer because i really love all of his character design but the ones that I love the most is the character that he created in the game Psychonauts because each character in that game is unique in some way shape and form. The reason why I say this is because if you were to look at some of the character design and think that its awful but I like them.

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