Being the fact that I want to be a character designer I take a lot of inspiration from a ton of things but my all time favorite thing to base my ideas off a lot of medieval knights like armor and also futurist armor because I like the concept that very old knights armor and redesigning with a more futuristic look to I think it looks amazing.

I like to play a lot of games that takes place during the times where you need armor to survive the main one right now is Dark Souls 2 and the armor that I using in the game is called the Dragon Rider’s armor.

Dragon Rider Armor

I like all of the details in the armor and I was thinking “what would it look like if I was to combine this armor with something futuristic?” So far I’m thinking about two different designs. The first one is fusing this with something from movie Tron by Disney


or just make it look more smooth and new.

I will keep this blog up to date with the process of how its going to go.