Character design is the profession that I want to do as I progress in my field  but today I want to talk the other people character design in the gaming world because most of the characters I see in video games are similar to other characters from movies and folk lore or stories.

The first character that I want to talk about is the Black knight from the Dark Souls games by game art designer Makoto Satoh. These are one of the many enemies that you fight in Dark Souls and their lore is really great and it says that the Blacks Knights were once great Sliver Knight for a sun god named Gwyn and that they fought demons long ago and their armor was charred which made their armor black. I like the design of the character because when I saw this guy when I first played Dark Souls the first that came to my mind is that he looks a little like Sauron from the lord of the rings trilogy and many players in the Dark Souls community refer to him as Sauron so if Makoto Satoh want to get his point across that these guys are menacing he did.



Another character design that I like a lot is SabreWulf from the new Killer Instinct game for the Xbox One and his character design is a good one for me because the people who drew him David Donatucci and David Hall were inspired by the old horror films The Wolfman by George Waggner and Frankenstein by James Whale because for one this character is a WereWolf and second the lore behind SabreWulf is that he was made inside of a lab just like Frankenstein. Another reason why I like this character is that he look really dangerous with the sharp teeth and the claws.


So those are two of the few character designs that i think are really good and this just goes to show that even people who make characters in video games need a little inspiration here and there.