Continuing on from my last post I have a more character designs that I really like and I didn’t mention to say on my last post is that along with the actual design of the character I also see if there is any reference to some other character in some way shape and form or if there is very interesting lore that is attached to the character that just makes me appreciate the design of the character even more.

Then next character that I want to talk about is Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 and  reasons why I like him so much is that his design is so simple and grotesque because Akihiro Imamura the person who drew him wanted to a monster that was very simple but have one very good feature about him and that is his helmet. Akihiro Imamura went through a lot of designs for his helmet but he chose the pyramid because he wanted two things to be portrayed from him, the first one was to have something that looks like it really hurts to but on and the second is that he wanted to make it look like Pyramid Head is always in pain.


Another character design that I think looks great is the design for the security suit from Dead Space 2 because it tends to the futurist armor that I love, the way you find it in the game is that it is a few feet away from a dead body that is wearing a security suit which gives the implications that the place that where you find his dead body at that is how far he made it before the monsters that infest the place killed him. The armor mainly the helmet also reminds me of the helmet from Robocop’s helmet because of it having only one visor in it.

So those are once again a few of the character design that I love because if I was to talk about all of them I will be here forever talking about them because I have a lot of character design that I love but the majority of them are enemies which some people won’t count as characters but I think they count because they hold their own special place in the game.