One of the first things that is a important part in making a brand new character is the world that they live in and the things that go on in it because you can’t have a game without a story and even though some games don’t have a story like MineCraft that just put into the game without any hint on what the story is about. Now most people really wonder why do people play MineCraft if it has no story and there a good reason but that another post for another time, in this post I will talk about with the research that I found online on what and how to make a good story in gaming.

Now when making a story is where does it take place meaning that you need a time and a place so can set the foundation for your story and you can change the time and the place if the need calls for it. another thing you have to think about is what can happen in your world that can spark a conflict and the conflict is really based off what you want your story to be about, the time that it takes place in and if you want to be fiction meaning anything can happen or Non-fiction meaning that the conflict that is going to happen is purely based of reality.

So once you have your world created you can now start making your character now when you’re doing this you have to mold your character around the world that he or she is based in and then once you have your character now you can start writing out the actually story line. There are more steps to this and you can see the rest of them on this website:

The Last of Us

One of the games that I think uses all of the steps and they really work and the story, world and the characters are great is The Last of Us, this game was made by Naughty Dog and without going into any details the story is really good and the characters in the games are done really well for the world that is set in and if you own either a PS3 or a PS4 and if you want to see how to make a good character, world and story line then get this game.