When making a story for anything whether it’s a TV show, a movie or a book you will need a bunch of characters for your story and you can just make a character with no emotions and feelings and depending on the reader or viewer most people will like it and some won’t and there are a lot of step to making a good character, so here are some things that I’ve learned in school about good character development.

The first thing you have to do is to give your character a personality because this will keep your character from being to boring, now when you’re giving them a personality you have to give them one that will go good with the you design gave them, also another big part of your character a personality is to give them a side that stand on meaning that are they a good guy or a bad guy or do they just stand in the middle as a neutral party to the story. Next is that you have to give them a motivation which means they must have a purpose in the story and have a goal that they’re trying to achieve.

Another step is to put someone or something in the story that strikes fear into their very being because when you think about it no matter who you are, every one is afraid of something. Also they need a internal and an external conflict a perfect example is Batman there are times where he has defeated The Joker and Batman knows the only way The Joker will ever stop is if Batman kills him, but Batman won’t because his number one rule is that he doesn’t kill no matter how much pain The Joker has caused him.

Lastly your character needs to have strengths, weaknesses and flaws because even characters like Superman aren’t perfect. Most people can relate to curtain characters from TV shows because the people watching the show have flaws similar to the character in the show.