Most games today have story that you can follow and understand but there are a couple of games that have little hints towards the actually story in the game and the only way you can figure out what is going on is by looking at every little detail in the game and the games that hidden lore and there a lot of fans that will look for the story and there are only three games that i can think of that has a hidden story: Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 is one of my favorite games that I own on the PS4 and its made by From SoftWare and this game is set in the dark ages (no pun intended) but the only bit of actual piece of story that you get is that you a wandering husk of a man/women and you still act like a human but you will continue to hallow out and lose your humanity until you fully hallow out. So you travel to a place called Majula and when you get there you will see a women a she will tell you that “You are marked but the curse and in order to stop the curse you must seek the king’s crown.” That is all the story you get, so if you want to know what happened to the game world that you’re playing in each item in the game has a little piece of lore.

After playing Dark Souls 2 multiple times and after I read every piece lore for every item in the game I now know the story of the game and SPOILERS AHEAD but the reason why you go to Majula is that you want to stop the curse from happening and the reason why you need the King’s crown is that he also wanted to stop the curse but he failed to do so because he had to sit on The Throne of Want and sit there for as long as you shall live and the curse will end. So King Vendrick decided to lock himself away and waited there until he hollowed out completely instead of sealing himself in to the throne of want to stop the curse.


Bloodborne was made by the same people people who made Dark Souls 2 and its the same when it comes to the lore in the game, if you want to know what happened to the world you must look around and read each item description to get a little piece of lore but sadly I haven’t play the game enough to know fully what happened in the game but this is how much i do know. There is the place called the Healing Church and they discovered that with blood they can cure all ailments but it then it turned all the people who lived in this place called Yharnam into horrible beasts.

Are these story good? I would say yes because at the start of the game you get a piece of story and the game makes you look for the rest which make you really love the story more that if they just flat out tell you as you go and to tell you the truth I would rather prefer if games did this but only if the people making the game know how to do it.