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I like to play a lot of games but I do have favorites games and there are reason why they are my favorite games because they’re has a certain charm to them and if they are multiple games in the series there has to be something that makes it different from the other ones.

Dark Souls 2

My first game is Dark Souls 2 and I know I keep on mentioning this game in my blog posts but I really like this game because of the setting that the game is set in, it has a lot of rich lore that is really worth looking in to and if you ever played a Dark Souls game dying is the worst thing ever because in the first game every time you died you lost your in game currency and if you die again with getting you currency you lose whatever you lost the first time. In Dark Souls 2 if you die not only you lose all of the currency you also lose a chunk of your health that you can’t refill.


My other favorite game is The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask and the reason why this is one of my favorite game because it is a Legend of Zelda game and I am a huge Zelda fan the other reason why it’s the only game that doesn’t have Princess Zelda in it and the setting and the tone of the game is really dark and there is a lot of sorrow and death for a Zelda game.

So those are some of my favorite games if I put all of my favorite games this blog will go on forever but like said before I look for curtain features in a games and that is how I determined if that game is my favorite.