Let me say that this semester was the first one in college that was really rough which is funny because there is never time in college that really stressed me out but this one was a real dozy there were time that I found myself staying up real late at night doing work and here are the things that I plan on doing after this semester ends.

The first thing that I plan on doing when I done with school is getting a lot of sleep that I lost over this semester because I feel like I’m a walking hollow shell of a man because of the sleep that I lost and every morning that I woke up in the morning and feeling like death even if I got a good amount of sleep.


The next thing that I’m going to do is buy a 5 pound gummy bear and see if I can eat the whole thing because if I had a rough day in this case a rough couple of months I like to eat sweets to make me feel better, but I think if try to eat the whole thing in one sitting my mom will come home and see me passed out on the table from a massive sugar crash with a half eaten giant gummy bear.

Those are some of the things that I am going to do after the semester and I know the reason why this semester was so bad was that I didn’t plan my time out well and I just let everything pile on to each other but for the next semester I am going to step my game up.