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During the semester break I bought a game called fallout 4, I’ve also played the other fallout games such as fallout 3 and New Vegas and the gameplay and the overall story in both games were good, even though the game allowed you to customize your character away way you wanted I didn’t have an emotional connection to my character that I created. Which is weird because I made him look just like me, but in Fallout 4 there was changes in this game that the older games didn’t do and that is I felt like I was in the game.


What I think the game did right was adding a voice to both the female and the male character that you control and not to give away to many spoilers to the game but the way the game starts out with is the narrator giving a back story to get you caught with the story, then you get to see what it was like in the world of Fallout before the bombs dropped (the bombs being the nukes.) So after you make your character you get to walk around and explore your house and depending on what your name is some characters in the game will say your name so that’s a plus, then as you explore your house you get to witness the panic as you see on a news bulletin that all of the nuclear missiles are going off around the world taking out major city’s and countries. Then as the air raid sirens go off you have to make it to the vault that2912919-fallout4_concept_salesman_1434323485 will take you underground and away from the harmful effect of radiation. As I was controlling my character to safety I felt something that not a lot of games do anymore when something really terrible is happening, which is a sense of dread or impending doom.


I felt as if I was in the world of fallout, I felt as if I was in the game running to get to safety. when I finally made to the vault I felt the same thing that the characters in the game were which was finally being safe not having to worry ab
out that danger that is the nuclear holocaust that is happening outside.


Now once again I don’t want to go into many detail because Fallout 4 is a really good game and the overall story is what I think is the best story that I’ve seen in a game in a long time, the game that had a really good story was The Last Us. I hope to see more games in the future that have a really good story because I want to experience the game, I want to able to feel what the character is feeling and to end with the quote that pulled into Fallout 4 is that “War… War never changes.”

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