Before I made a blog talking about how I want to become a character designer and I made a couple of blogs about overall character design and simple character designs and how it works most of the time, but now that I got a better understanding of storytelling and character development. So in this blog I will discuss about why I made the transaction to both storytelling and character development.

With storytelling I started to read up on basic storytelling and I start to realize that I sometimes pick apart movies that I watch and I can guess the basic overall plot of the movie, how curtain scenes will start and end then so after that realization of that I started to read up on what makes a good story and what you need to keep in mind when making a story

Now the reason why I switch to character development is for 2 reasons; the first reason I switched is that I’ve notice that I am not the best person when it comes to drawing and I know that I shouldn’t say that but sadly it’s true. The second reason is that I really love a characters back story and how that character back story shapes their overall design.

So those are the reasons why I changed my focus and do I think that I made the right choice, I think so because I have a lot of favorite character not only on how they look but how good their backstory is and in my previous blogs will show that, for example the reason why like pyramid head from Silent Hill 2 because his overall design has meaning to it that also connected to the main character.