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While playing a game what is the most important thing that you have to keep an eye out for? Its your health bar now most games today don’t have an actual health bar basically your T.V is your health bar and most of the people who are reading know what I mean when I say that your T.V is  your health bar. But to those who don’t know what I mean basically when you’re taking damage the screen will cast a red border around the T.V and if you take cover the red border will start to fad away. If there is a health bar usually you’ll need to health items to refill your health.

Good examples of the health regen is call of duty now the game uses your T.V as the health bar and when you start to take a ton of damage the game will

Call of Duty

tell you that you need to take cover to get your health back. I see this as the game holding your hand mainly because that if I’m getting shot at I’m not going to stay there and take all the shots. Other games that have a health bar but still use the health regen is Halo and Destiny and how the game tells you that you’re low on health it will make a

beeping noise to tell you to take cover and wait until you health comes back. I don’t like this mechanic because I see this as the game holding your hand.

Now the health item mechanic is a really good system because you have to think and ration out your health items and if you run out of them you have to tough it out until you get more and the three games that I can think of that does this is Doom, Dark Souls1-3 and BloodBorne.


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