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If there is anything I love more than anything is a really good scare. I loved getting scared I can’t really explain why I like the felling of fear while I playing games, but sometimes games that clam to be horror games are not remotely scary and sometimes games that aren’t suppose to scary it really horrifying. So in this blog I’m going to call some of the games that where meant to be “horror” games but was anything but and some of the games that weren’t meant to be a horror games really gets you.

Remember Resident Evil and how scary it was when you played as a little kid or a preteen, remember when you saw that zombie in Resident Evil 1 turn around then stand up eyeing you as their next meal, remember when Resident Evil 4 came out and capcom took out the zombies and it still managed to be scary, I remember that.

So when I found out that Resident Evil 5 was coming out I was excited for it I was hoping that it be as scary as Resident Evil 4, but when I got it this wasn’t Resident Evil anymore it turned into Call of Duty RE5so needless to say I wasn’t happy with the game. Any smart person would not even think about buying Resident Evil 6 but I was still hopeful that this would be the game that makes the franchise back to a horror game. I can honestly say looking back now the only good thing about that game was Leon (who the main character in Resident Evil 2 and 4) was in it and RE6that his campaign had zombies that was it Resident Evil 6 was once again Call of Duty but if i had to choose between RE 5 or Re6 I would rather play 5.


I love the first Dead Space that came out even the second one that came out but I love the first Dead Space because Issac ClarkDead Space the main character you play as doesn’t talk at all and I think that adds to the horror. Even when you play on easy the resources are somewhat limited and the enemies can and will kill you regardless of what difficulty setting you have it on and till this day every time I play this game it always gets me no matter how many times I play it. But on the other hand as you can guess when part 3 came out it when from Dead Space to Lost PlanetDead Space 3 because most of the time you’re fighting human A.I instead of the main enemies in the game Necromorphs (which are dead bodies that are reanimated and transformed into something that’s indescribable. Here’s a picture so you can see what i mean.) Necromorph.jpgTo make matters worse there are random difficulty spikes that make the game even if you’re playing on easy really hard.

When I’m playing games being in a big enclosed area gives me a sense of someone or something is following me and the first BioShock really hits the nail on the head because this games is not suppose to be scary it’s FPS (First-Person Shooter) that takes BioShockplace in a city that is build on the ocean floor called Rapture . There something about being in place where you have not a lot of places to go and the fact that the games doesn’t play a lot music when you’re roaming the halls of rapture with the knowledge that an enemy can pop out at anytime whether it’s a regular enemy or worse a Big Daddy which the man in the divers gear in the picture to the left.

When you’re playing a game with zombies the only thing that runs in your mind is ” Kill every zombie that I see.” That’s not the case with Dying Light,Dying Light there is a day and night cycle now during the day there are two different types of zombies that you have to deal with. First you got the regular zombies that just stumble around aimlessly but these zombies are really tough to kill and the other ones are zombies who just turned so they still have their mobility, meaning that they can run as fast you and even climb over obstacles just like you and if they manage to get close to you they won’t stop attacking you until they’re dead.

But when night comes its a whole different kind of ball game now, on top of having to deal with those 2 different you have worry about the Volatiles who are to quote Daft Punk they’re Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger versions of the virals. Now knowing this going out at night is terrifying and if you don’t use your flashlight it is pitch black , now imagine having this thing

Volatilepouncing on you when you’re least expecting it. If you’re really unlucky and if you’re online you can get invaded by a human player controlling a zombie who is rightfully named The Night Hunter. When this happens the game will go into night Night Huntertime mode regardless if its day time it will automatically go into night mode and when this happens your stress levels will jump through the roof.

Thankfully we have these games around to remind use what true fear while playing a game feels like and I am still waiting for the day when games that used to be all about the horror make a come back, here’s hoping that that Dead Space 4 (when ever EA decides to make it) and Resident Evil 7 go back to being scary games.


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