Is hidden story considered as a good story

Most games today have story that you can follow and understand but there are a couple of games that have little hints towards the actually story in the game and the only way you can figure out what is going on is by looking at every little detail in the game and the games that hidden lore and there a lot of fans that will look for the story and there are only three games that i can think of that has a hidden story: Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 is one of my favorite games that I own on the PS4 and its made by From SoftWare and this game is set in the dark ages (no pun intended) but the only bit of actual piece of story that you get is that you a wandering husk of a man/women and you still act like a human but you will continue to hallow out and lose your humanity until you fully hallow out. So you travel to a place called Majula and when you get there you will see a women a she will tell you that “You are marked but the curse and in order to stop the curse you must seek the king’s crown.” That is all the story you get, so if you want to know what happened to the game world that you’re playing in each item in the game has a little piece of lore.

After playing Dark Souls 2 multiple times and after I read every piece lore for every item in the game I now know the story of the game and SPOILERS AHEAD but the reason why you go to Majula is that you want to stop the curse from happening and the reason why you need the King’s crown is that he also wanted to stop the curse but he failed to do so because he had to sit on The Throne of Want and sit there for as long as you shall live and the curse will end. So King Vendrick decided to lock himself away and waited there until he hollowed out completely instead of sealing himself in to the throne of want to stop the curse.


Bloodborne was made by the same people people who made Dark Souls 2 and its the same when it comes to the lore in the game, if you want to know what happened to the world you must look around and read each item description to get a little piece of lore but sadly I haven’t play the game enough to know fully what happened in the game but this is how much i do know. There is the place called the Healing Church and they discovered that with blood they can cure all ailments but it then it turned all the people who lived in this place called Yharnam into horrible beasts.

Are these story good? I would say yes because at the start of the game you get a piece of story and the game makes you look for the rest which make you really love the story more that if they just flat out tell you as you go and to tell you the truth I would rather prefer if games did this but only if the people making the game know how to do it.


How and what makes a good character.

When making a story for anything whether it’s a TV show, a movie or a book you will need a bunch of characters for your story and you can just make a character with no emotions and feelings and depending on the reader or viewer most people will like it and some won’t and there are a lot of step to making a good character, so here are some things that I’ve learned in school about good character development.

The first thing you have to do is to give your character a personality because this will keep your character from being to boring, now when you’re giving them a personality you have to give them one that will go good with the you design gave them, also another big part of your character a personality is to give them a side that stand on meaning that are they a good guy or a bad guy or do they just stand in the middle as a neutral party to the story. Next is that you have to give them a motivation which means they must have a purpose in the story and have a goal that they’re trying to achieve.

Another step is to put someone or something in the story that strikes fear into their very being because when you think about it no matter who you are, every one is afraid of something. Also they need a internal and an external conflict a perfect example is Batman there are times where he has defeated The Joker and Batman knows the only way The Joker will ever stop is if Batman kills him, but Batman won’t because his number one rule is that he doesn’t kill no matter how much pain The Joker has caused him.

Lastly your character needs to have strengths, weaknesses and flaws because even characters like Superman aren’t perfect. Most people can relate to curtain characters from TV shows because the people watching the show have flaws similar to the character in the show.

How to make a good story and what makes a good story in gaming.

One of the first things that is a important part in making a brand new character is the world that they live in and the things that go on in it because you can’t have a game without a story and even though some games don’t have a story like MineCraft that just put into the game without any hint on what the story is about. Now most people really wonder why do people play MineCraft if it has no story and there a good reason but that another post for another time, in this post I will talk about with the research that I found online on what and how to make a good story in gaming.

Now when making a story is where does it take place meaning that you need a time and a place so can set the foundation for your story and you can change the time and the place if the need calls for it. another thing you have to think about is what can happen in your world that can spark a conflict and the conflict is really based off what you want your story to be about, the time that it takes place in and if you want to be fiction meaning anything can happen or Non-fiction meaning that the conflict that is going to happen is purely based of reality.

So once you have your world created you can now start making your character now when you’re doing this you have to mold your character around the world that he or she is based in and then once you have your character now you can start writing out the actually story line. There are more steps to this and you can see the rest of them on this website:

The Last of Us

One of the games that I think uses all of the steps and they really work and the story, world and the characters are great is The Last of Us, this game was made by Naughty Dog and without going into any details the story is really good and the characters in the games are done really well for the world that is set in and if you own either a PS3 or a PS4 and if you want to see how to make a good character, world and story line then get this game.

My Kind of Video Game Art Style

I love a lot of favorite video game art styles but a lot of the game art styles that I like are rendered in 3D so I have decided to pick a couple of games that are in 2D because the art style that I do is mostly 2D drawing, oddly enough I really love 2D video games because when making a 2D games you really have to put in a lot of work into making the background pop out and catch the players eye I’m going to to talk about 2 games art styles that I love.

The first game that has an art style that I love is a game called Shovel Knight because I love knights so when I saw all of characters in the game overall design resemble some kind of knight another reason why I love the art style is because the way each character is created is that they are just shapes and they look really good it just goes to show you that simple art styles can be really good.Shovel Knight

The second game that has a art style that I love is a game called Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition and yes that is the whole name and I love this type of design because it uses the Mexican Day of the Dead as inspiration for the art style and the way all of the characters are drawn are with basic angled shapes and it goes with the art style.

Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition

These are 2 of the many 2D games that have art styles that is similar to the art that I draw and I love 2D games that use simple methods to make their characters because it shows me that a lot of people love the simple art style that is really easy on the eyes.

My Favorite Character Designs Pt. 2

Continuing on from my last post I have a more character designs that I really like and I didn’t mention to say on my last post is that along with the actual design of the character I also see if there is any reference to some other character in some way shape and form or if there is very interesting lore that is attached to the character that just makes me appreciate the design of the character even more.

Then next character that I want to talk about is Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 and  reasons why I like him so much is that his design is so simple and grotesque because Akihiro Imamura the person who drew him wanted to a monster that was very simple but have one very good feature about him and that is his helmet. Akihiro Imamura went through a lot of designs for his helmet but he chose the pyramid because he wanted two things to be portrayed from him, the first one was to have something that looks like it really hurts to but on and the second is that he wanted to make it look like Pyramid Head is always in pain.


Another character design that I think looks great is the design for the security suit from Dead Space 2 because it tends to the futurist armor that I love, the way you find it in the game is that it is a few feet away from a dead body that is wearing a security suit which gives the implications that the place that where you find his dead body at that is how far he made it before the monsters that infest the place killed him. The armor mainly the helmet also reminds me of the helmet from Robocop’s helmet because of it having only one visor in it.

So those are once again a few of the character design that I love because if I was to talk about all of them I will be here forever talking about them because I have a lot of character design that I love but the majority of them are enemies which some people won’t count as characters but I think they count because they hold their own special place in the game.

My Favorite Character Designs Pt. 1

Character design is the profession that I want to do as I progress in my field  but today I want to talk the other people character design in the gaming world because most of the characters I see in video games are similar to other characters from movies and folk lore or stories.

The first character that I want to talk about is the Black knight from the Dark Souls games by game art designer Makoto Satoh. These are one of the many enemies that you fight in Dark Souls and their lore is really great and it says that the Blacks Knights were once great Sliver Knight for a sun god named Gwyn and that they fought demons long ago and their armor was charred which made their armor black. I like the design of the character because when I saw this guy when I first played Dark Souls the first that came to my mind is that he looks a little like Sauron from the lord of the rings trilogy and many players in the Dark Souls community refer to him as Sauron so if Makoto Satoh want to get his point across that these guys are menacing he did.



Another character design that I like a lot is SabreWulf from the new Killer Instinct game for the Xbox One and his character design is a good one for me because the people who drew him David Donatucci and David Hall were inspired by the old horror films The Wolfman by George Waggner and Frankenstein by James Whale because for one this character is a WereWolf and second the lore behind SabreWulf is that he was made inside of a lab just like Frankenstein. Another reason why I like this character is that he look really dangerous with the sharp teeth and the claws.


So those are two of the few character designs that i think are really good and this just goes to show that even people who make characters in video games need a little inspiration here and there.




My favorite kind of character design

Being the fact that I want to be a character designer I take a lot of inspiration from a ton of things but my all time favorite thing to base my ideas off a lot of medieval knights like armor and also futurist armor because I like the concept that very old knights armor and redesigning with a more futuristic look to I think it looks amazing.

I like to play a lot of games that takes place during the times where you need armor to survive the main one right now is Dark Souls 2 and the armor that I using in the game is called the Dragon Rider’s armor.

Dragon Rider Armor

I like all of the details in the armor and I was thinking “what would it look like if I was to combine this armor with something futuristic?” So far I’m thinking about two different designs. The first one is fusing this with something from movie Tron by Disney


or just make it look more smooth and new.

I will keep this blog up to date with the process of how its going to go.

My Passion

Ever since I was a little kid I loved to play video games in my spare time and at the young of 7 years old I thought to myself that I wanted to the person who was responsible for creating all types of characters. So I’m finishing up my bachelors degree so I can go to a different kind of college to better my skills and keep that dream that I had as a little kid alive.

The reason why I want to do this is because my other passion is playing video games and the way the gaming industry is set up today its the lesser known gaming companies which are called indie developers get more praise than well known companies and I see this as an opportunity for me to get my for into the gaming like Tom Happ.

Tom Happ

He made a game called Axiom Verge all by himself in 2010 and was released in March 31, 2015 and this is what i want to do but with team of people.

My main inspiration for wanting to go into character development is Tim Schafer because i really love all of his character design but the ones that I love the most is the character that he created in the game Psychonauts because each character in that game is unique in some way shape and form. The reason why I say this is because if you were to look at some of the character design and think that its awful but I like them.

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